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New LVH44 Intumescent Fire Damper Brochure Available

Lorient, a respected designer and manufacturer of fire containment systems has just launched its new ‘LVH44 intumescent fire damper’ brochure.

Lorient’s original LVH44 Intumescent Fire Damper is a trusted and versatile fire containment solution with a 25 year pedigree; and we are proud to offer Lorient LVH44 as well as the new LVH44C intumescent fire damper range to the Australian and New Zealand markets.

The Australian Building Codes Board has just released the 2016 National Construction Code (NCC), which sets out a uniform set of technical provisions that ensures materials, systems and products provide consistent and quantifiable performance to ensure the safety of occupants in the event of a fire.

Manufactured in Sydney to the highest quality Lorient LVH44 & LVH44C intumescent fire dampers are approved for use in a host of different building elements and provide a range of versatile solutions in accordance with the very latest Australian standards referenced within NCC 2016.

The brochure also covers important information for mechanical service designers and specifiers that includes our comprehensive LVH intumescent fire damper system selector; Acoustic, airflow & pressure loss characteristics, sizing selection nomograms; details on cover grilles & intumescent sealant. All wrapped up with our commitment to comprehensive support.

Lorient LVH44 & LVH44C intumescent fire dampers offer a rugged, reliable solid state design, that unlike conventional mechanical fire dampers do not contain any moving parts. They are tested and approved in accordance with the very latest standards they offer designers, specifiers and mechanical contractors a simple fire damper solution that is compliant with current requirements.

If you'd like to order a hard copy of the brochure click here.