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Lorient Supports IFE Conference 27th and 28th March - 2014

IFE Australia was proud to present the 2014 Fire Engineering and Operations Conference. The 2014 conference was held in Manly, NSW in on the 27th and 28th of March 2014.

It was a very significant event, as it followed on directly from the IFE International General Assembly (IGA) involving global IFE representation and involved a dual stream conference over the 2 days. The Fire Engineering theme addressed Emergency Evacuation from a wide range of scenarios, including transport, mining, commercial and tunnels. The Operational theme addressed Crisis Management across a range of scenarios including both natural events and effects resulting from human involvement.

With high quality papers and presentations from across the fields of engineering, operations and academia that clearly address the topic of emergency evacuation through to crisis management.

The two day event drew in approximately 120 delegates from around the country including high ranking fires services personnel and fire engineers from some of the country’s major practices.

It was great to showcase what Lorient Australia had to offer, we took along samples, banners and brochures. It was also good to reconnect with so many colleagues in the Industry and for us to be able to support this important event.