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Retro-fit Solutions for Upgrading Non-compliant Fire Doors from Lorient

Lorient is delighted to unveil its ‘Retro-fit Solutions for Upgrading Non-compliant Fire Doors’ leaflet which provides solutions for both excessive door bottom clearances and excessive door perimeter clearances.

It is an unfortunate fact that many fire doors installed within Australian buildings are commonly identified as being non-compliant and are subsequently replaced due to their perimeter clearances falling outside the requirements outlined in Fire Door Standard AS1905.1 : - Components for the protection of openings in Fire-resistant Walls (Part 1: Fire-resistant Doorsets). In many instances problems are identified during routine fire door maintenance inspections and may be a result of poor installation, building movement, wear and tear, neglect or willful abuse. However, once a door is deemed non-compliant it must be either repaired or upgraded in an approved manner or completely replaced and re-tagged.

Lorient recognise this common problem and offer a range of approved retro-fit upgrade solutions that may reduce the need for door replacements and associated costs commonly faced by Building Owners, Body Corporate’s and Facility Managers alike. These upgrade solutions assist in salvaging fire doors identified with excessive clearances. They incorporate specialised intumescent materials that expand in volume when exposed to elevated temperatures, assisting in maintaining the performance of the door assembly to which they are applied. Fire door assemblies can now be quickly and economically upgraded on-site, often without the need to remove the door from its hinges.

The Lorient Door Bottom Upgrade (LDBU) is a cost effective solution that allows doors with excessive door bottom clearances to be simply and quickly upgraded, often without the need to remove the door from its hinges. The Lorient Door Perimeter Upgrade (LDPU) allows doors with excessive door perimeter clearances to be quickly and easily upgraded.

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