Acoustic, smoke & fire containment systems

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Standards & Regulations

Regulations & Standards relating to the containment of Fire, Smoke, Sound, Energy and Weather Building Code of Australia: 

In Australia, Building construction is regulated under a framework of provisions detailed within Building Code of Australia. The BCA sets out a uniform set of technical provisions that allow for the design and construction of buildings and is updated annually to meet societies changing needs. The BCA mandates the minimum construction and performance requirements for various class of building types.

The provisions contained within it may be satisfied by following the prescribed specifications and associated “deemed to satisfy” methodology or via an alternative engineered solution that fulfills the intent of the relevant (BCA) specification.

The BCA makes reference to a variety of Australian and International standards to ensure that materials, systems, products and services provide a consistent and quantifiable level of performance. There are a number of specifications and standards referenced which directly relate to Lorient’s range of products and these are discussed in more detail below.