Acoustic, smoke & fire containment systems

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Fire Resistance Regulations

BCA Fire resistance provisions:
Section C of the BCA covers the fire protection requirements for building designs and is written to ensure safe evacuation of occupants and minimise the fire risk to adjoining property.

Fire door assemblies
Fire resistant door assemblies are referenced in BCA Section C3 (specification C3.4 .2) and are required to comply with Australian standard AS1905.1: 2005.

AS1905.1:2005 Components for the fire protection of openings in fire resistant walls Part 1: Fire doors

Specifies the construction and installation requirements for side hung, pivoted and sliding fire door assemblies. It provides guidance on installation of door frames, as well as acceptable clearances allowed around the edges of the installed door leaf. This standard also details fire testing requirements for hardware fitted to the fire door assemblies and provides guidance on permissible variations. Fire-resistance level (FRL) of a fire door and any constituent hardware is determined by fire testing a representative sample in accordance with AS1530.4.

AS1530.4: 2005 Fire resistance tests of elements of building construction

This standard provides a fire test methodology and a set of exposure conditions that allows a building element’s fire resistance level (FRL) to be determined. A rating is attributed according to the elements ability to maintain its structural adequacy, the ability to maintain fire integrity, as well as its resistance to the transfer of heat which determines its insulation value.