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Lorient has an international reputation for designing and manufacturing a wide range of innovative door sealing solutions for the containment of fire, smoke, sound and energy.

With over 40 years of accumulated knowledge we pride ourselves on offering products that are designed to save lives, preserve property and enhance quality of life. We recognise our responsibility to create well-designed products that will perform; products which are durable and reliable, and which genuinely improve the buildings they protect. By doing so, we can play our part in improving life safety and reducing building damage and loss.

Having had a presence in Australia since 1986 the Lorient brand is well established and respected. Operating out of our new premises in Sydney NSW we are proud to offer our comprehensive range of high quality intumescent seals, medium temperature smoke seals and acoustic seals to the Australian and New Zealand markets.

  • Our fire & hot temperature smoke seals form a vital part of a fire door assembly, helping to restrict the spread of fire, hot smoke and toxic gases.
  • Our medium temperature smoke seals are specifically designed to provide maximum protection at 200°C and help to maintain tenable conditions in exit routes.
  • Our acoustic seals improve health and amenity and are used to contain sound within a room, or prevent it from entering.
  • Our seals conserve energy and increase building efficiency by restricting un-wanted air infiltration into conditioned spaces.

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