Acoustic, smoke & fire containment systems

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Fire Damper Cover Grilles

These cover grilles come with a decorative and protective silver powdercoat finish – they are face fixed to walls or doors to provide an aesthetic appearance to rectangular and circular intumescent fire dampers.

Lorient LVH cover grilles are available in the following nominal sizes (AxB):

Product code  Cover grille (overall) outside dimensions  To suit Lorient LVH damper size  Free area 
LCG-150150 150 x150mm 100 x 100mm 67%
LCG-200200 200 x 200mm 150 x 150mm 67%
LCG-300300 300 x 300mm 250 x 250mm 67%
LCG-350350 350 x 350mm 300 x 300mm 67%
LCG-500500 500 x 500mm 450 x 450mm 67%
LCG-650350 650 x 350mm 600 x 300mm 67%
LCG-650650 650 x 650mm 600 x 600mm 67%

Other sizes of cover grilles are available.
Minimum quantities apply.

Lorient cover grilles are designed for internal use only and supplied with a powdercoat finish.

If intended for exterior use they must be treated with an appropriate weather proof finish (supplied by others).